We’re glad you found us! Like most people these days, you likely Googled something like “Markham renovation contractors” or “Local home renovation companies in Markham,” and an endless list of companies popped onto your screen. So, how do you choose from all these companies? The first step is to figure out who is local because that is very important. (More on that later)

How many of these companies are genuinely local with a history of doing business in Markham? Surprisingly, not all that many. You may be asking yourself, “Aren’t they all local? I asked Google for contractors in Markham, and the company listings say Markham Renovation Contractors?” The answer is NO. You’ll find most are simply marketing to give the impression they are a local Markham business. But why would they do that? For a very good reason, they know that Local Matters.

If you dig deeper, they often list a service area from Oakville to Oshawa and as far North as Barrie! And have an office address far removed from Markham, an address of a virtual office or none. If you try searching “Mississauga renovation contractors,” you will see the same website pop up, except now it appears they are a local Mississauga business. You may find this somewhat misleading; is that how you want to start a relationship with someone you trust to come into your family’s home for one of the largest purchases you may ever make on your most significant asset…your home?

I’m not saying that these businesses aren’t good; they aren’t local, and here’s why that matters.

Why Choosing a Local Markham Renovation Contractor is a Wise Decision

  • Quick Responses & Better Communication
  • Support the Local Economy and Help Create Jobs in your Community
  • Years of experience working in local neighbourhoods
  • Relationships with local suppliers
  • More efficient and greater peace of mind – we’re right around the corner
  • Quality Assurance and familiarity with Local Regulations
  • Ease of building long-term relationships
  • A deep sense of commitment and pride

There are some excellent, genuinely local renovation contractors in Markham. We are one of them and would be honoured to partner with you to bring your renovation dreams to life. Give us a call.

We promise a straightforward, honest conversation about your project; we’ll give you some ideas to mull over, take measurements and follow up with a detailed proposal for your consideration. We give great service without pretense, if you hear us utter the word “bespoke” at any time during our conversation, we’ll take $500 off your renovation!