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You’ve found an older home in an ideal neighbourhood. It has plenty of charm and a much larger yard than those of more recent construction. But the interior seriously needs updating, and walls – both load-and non-load-bearing would have to be moved to accommodate your family’s needs. Everything required to convert this house into your dream home is within the scope of the Great Spaces team. 

Or perhaps you wish to stay in the home that’s been the centre of family life for many years. But needs have changed, and the interior configurations that have served you well no longer do. Let us assist you in identifying how best to translate your new vision into a precisely designed action plan.

What does a whole home remodel bring to your home? It’s a big decision that will take a significant commitment of time, money and a great deal of thought into the decisions you must make to realize your home’s transformation. Is it worth it? We think so, and with the right partner, you’ll create a home of enduring design your family can enjoy for generations. Here’s what a whole home remodel will bring to your home:

Bright and Light

New and bigger windows and doors will bring light that improves the aesthetic and contributes to your health and well-being. 

Optimize Space

Transform unused spaces into functional areas that suit your family’s lifestyle and optimize every valuable square foot of your home.

Kitchen Dream

The kitchen is central to your home remodel and something to get excited about. Bigger, brighter, with a well-thought-out and functional layout, lots of storage and counter space. Let’s make it where you’ll gather and create through every season and celebration of the year. 

Solve Functional Problems

Now is the time to fix those problem areas that have been annoying you for so long. Cold regions of the house, poor lighting, plumbing issues, and no receptacles where you need them all can be sorted, resulting in a more functional and efficient home.

Open Concept Floor Plan

From small and cramped to expansive and inviting, it’s no wonder creating an open layout is often at the top of the wish list. Removing a wall or two can make the main floor feel larger and involve everyone in the routines of the day.

Enhance Value

A home remodel is an investment that will add significant value to your home. Quality, functionality and up-to-date style will guarantee long-term appeal for your property. But remember, this is your home, and the renovation should express your taste and your family’s lifestyle.

Rob and his team performed a miracle, transforming a large but dated condo into a tastefully modern, open-concept, sun-filled 2-bedroom condo. Over 2 short months, ceilings, walls, flooring, lighting and electrical, kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room were re-designed and re-vamped. Family and friends are amazed by the transformation. Kudos and many thanks to Rob for his hard work, advice, expertise and attention to detail.

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